A well designed, conceived and implemented website speaks very eloquently to its visitors and the theme of designing decides whether visitors can be converted into customers. Making your website special and appeal to your customers is very crucial as websites are liked based on the mindsets of potential customers. Website designing is a strategic branding process where the needs of a small vendor may differ largely from a corporate house offering diverse products and services The web designing team at the Kraftlabs has astute brilliance and experience in designing websites and logo suiting to the product, boosting business growth of the company and creating a unique brand identity for the discerning customer. Logo designing requires a professional and artistic touch to understand the colour or the art design required for a particular graphical representation. We design and develop a website or logo which can speak directly to your customers, thereby solidifying your brand and its identity. Kraftlabs has been very successful in web and logo designing due to the following reasons:

Content Management Systems: Versatility for flexiblity

Content Management systems (CMS) on websites are an effective management tool to keep the website flexible and abreast with activities and development in the organization. CMS enables you to make necessary changes on the website without having going to a technical professional and is basically a do-it-yourself website management system. It avoids the high expenses while making it dynamic and interactive unlike the conventional static website which require the services of a qualified and skilled web developer. As a result, you can update, edit, modify, add or delete visual and textual information at your will with the user-friendly CMS at your fingertips. Social networking sites can be finely incorporated with your website enabling your organization to interact with the outside world as well as with the customers to freely share their thoughts and ideas about your organization, its products/services or its functioning.

Kraftlabs expertise on working on open-source content management systems like Drupal, Wordpress and Jumla will tailor-out a system most suitable for your organization and facilitate growth as per your requirement. We will help our clients identify the website that would best confirm to their market branding enabling them to be in the fore-front of their business activity.

Benefits of Content Management Systems:

E-commerce: Need of the hour

Effective e-commerce is what you would be looking for if you have a product to sell which has a pan-global appeal and since a product can be sold in this era outside the geographical boundaries of the country of origin, the efficacy of the e-commerce website cannot be compromised. It has been observed that more and more companies are joining the fray for increased sales presence across continents and it is increasingly becoming the business medium of the future. The main objective of setting up of an e-commerce website is to improve sales without having to bear additional overhead expenses like in the conventional system and to improve the cash flow. Having an online store catering to buyers across the globe has its own challenges. Whether it is business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) e-commerce websites, our website developers would help you set up an attractive online store to mark your online presence and ensure effective sales and management of the system. Proper planning and effective implementation of the website is our forte which will not only make the website impressive but also be fully loaded with functionality including payment gateways, security systems, shopping carts and of course compliance to statutory regulations.

Benefits of implementing e-commerce are

The Flash USP: Offer a “real” world

Adobe flash has been in the reckoning for nearly last ten years for its rich visual experience and has been rightly named a tool for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Its arrival literally paved away for animated, inter-active and colourful visual experience to internet users and the content can be watched on various computer systems and electronic devices including some mobile phones and browsers. The Flash allows your browser to operate the shockwave Flash files making them interactive and dynamic compared to static websites. Commonly used for movie trailers, advertisements and games it uses object-oriented language called Action Script through Java Script Flash Language (JSFL). Kraftlabs expertise in different genres of Flash will add value to your business website and deliver your messages effectively to the prospective customer. You can vouch on our Flash services for the following reasons